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Welcome to the naval print website, with over 750 naval art prints and paintings by leading naval artists, Ivan Berryman, Randall Wilson, Anthony Saunders, George Chambers, Nicholas Pocock. W. L Wylie and Charles Dixon This is probably the best naval art site on the web. You wont get better prices than these. up to 20% cheaper than available in any gallery in the UK or US. and up to 60% of these prints are only available direct from Cranston Fine Arts the naval art company. producing naval art prints for over 24 years. 


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Battle of Trafalgar Art Prints.

Trafalgar- The Destruction of The Bucentaure by Ivan Berryman.

Trafalgar: HMS Royal Sovereign Prepares to Break the Line by Ivan Berryman.
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HMS Belfast Naval Art Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.

HMS Belfast by Robert Taylor.

HMS Belfast During the Battle of North Cape by Randall Wilson.
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Royal Navy Submarine Prints.
Secret Operation by Robert Taylor.

The Malta Station by Robert Barbour.
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Pearl Harbor US Navy Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.
The Calm Before the Storm by Robert Taylor.

Aloha Hawaii by Randall Wilson.
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Swordfish Attack on the Bismarck Naval Art Prints by Stan Stokes and Ivan Berryman.

Sink the Bismarck by Stan Stokes. (B)

Bismarck by Ivan Berryman (B)
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 In January 1941, the young Mario Arillo was appointed the rank of Lieutenant Commander, placed in charge of the Regia Marina's submarine <i>Ambra</i> and was dispatched to the Mediterranean to help disrupt supplies to the Allied forces.  In May of that same year, Arillo attacked the British Dido Class Cruiser <i>HMS Bonaventure</i>, and Destroyers <i>HMS Hereward</i> and <i>HMS Stuart</i>, south of Crete, en route from Alexandria, the cruiser <i>Bonaventure</i> being sunk with great loss of life.  The <i>Ambra</i> is depicted here in a calmer moment, two of her crew scanning the horizon for 'business'.

Hunter's Dusk by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Under the command of Gianfranco Gazzana-Priaroggia, the Regia Marina submarine Leonardo da Vinci was to become the most successful non-German submarine of World War Two.  On 21st April 1943, she encountered the liberty ship SS John Drayton which was returning, unladen, to Capetown from Bahrain and put two torpedoes into her before surfacing to finish her off with shells.  The deadly reign of terror wrought by the combination of Gazzana-Priaroggia and his submarine came to an end just one month later when the Leonardo da Vinci was sunk by HMS Active and HMS Ness off Cape Finistere.

Scourge of the Deep - Leonardo da Vinci by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Sitting menacingly at a depth of 15 metres below the surface, just 2 km outside the heavily defended harbour of Alexandria, the Italian submarine Scire is shown releasing her three manned torpedoes, or <i>Maiali</i>, at the outset of their daring raid in which the British battleships HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Valiant and a tanker, were severely damaged on 3rd December 1941.  All six crew members of the three <i>Maiali</i> survived the mission, but all were captured and taken prisoner.  Luigi Durand de la Penne and Emilio Bianchi can be seen moving away aboard 221, whilst Vincenzo Martellotta and Mario Marino (222) carry out systems checks.  Antonio Marceglia and Spartaco Schergat, on 223, are heading away at the top of the picture.

Assault from the Deep by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 A Type VIIC U-Boat slips quietly toward the open sea from her pen at Lorient, France in 1942.

Dawn Departure by Ivan Berryman. (PC)

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 Gneisenau returns to Kiel harbour after participating in Operation Nord Mark. With number one bowline secured crew crew prepares to bring the ship alongside.

K.M.S. Gneisenau - Stand by The Bowlines by Randall Wilson (GS)
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 It is September 18th, 1805, off Plymouth. Led by the 74-gun HMS Thunderer, with HMS Ajax astern, HMS Victory, with Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson aboard, begins her journey south to join the rest of the British fleet off Cadiz where the combined French and Spanish fleets lay blockaded. This was the prelude to the Battle of Trafalgar and the last time Nelson would see his beloved England.

Hearts of Oak Ivan Berryman. (Y)
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 The destroyer HMS Matchless is shown turning at high speed off the Devon coast in June 1946.  this elegant ship acquitted herself well during the Second World War, being involved in the hunt for - and ultimate sinking of - Scharnhorst in 1943.

HMS Matchless by Ivan Berryman. (GS)
Half Price! - 250.00
 HMS Orion leading HMS Conqueror, HMS Monarch, HMS Thunderer, the 2nd Battle Squadron.

2nd Battle Squadron at the Battle of Jutland by Randall Wilson. (GS)
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 Portrait of Admiral Nelson shown in the uniform worn at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Portrait of Admiral Nelson by Chris Collingwood (GL)
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 British Fleet Carrier HMS Indefatigable while serving with the Pacific Fleet comes under attack by kamikaze aircraft which scored one hit causing only superficial damage.

HMS Indefatigable by Randall Wilson. (GL)
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H.M.A.S Hobart glides past Mount Fiji for the surrender ceremony with Missouri in the Background. Tokyo Bay 1945.

Slow Ahead by Randall Wilson.
Half Price! - 35.00
 HMS King George V and HMS Rodney chase down the crippled German battleship, Bismarck, and within hours they will go into action.

The Chase, 27th May 1941 by Randall Wilson (GL)
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Featured Naval Ship : 

HMS Orion

Launched : 24th November 1932
In 1939 HMS Orion joined the Americas and West Indies station, moving to the Mediterranean Fleet between 1940 to 1945. Specifications for HMS Orion : Displacement: 7,215 tons Speed: 32.5kt Complement: 550 Armament: eight 6 inch guns in twin turrets, four 4 inch anti-aircraft guns in single mountings and twelve 0.5 inch machine guns in fours. Eight 21 inch torpedo tubes in quadruple mountings and 1 aircraft. Single 4 inch guns later replaced by four twin mountings.

Scrapped 19th July 1949.





Featured Signature :

Woodrow Wilson Derby USN

Joining the navy in 1938, Woody was posted direct to USS Nevada, and was aboard at Pearl Harbor. He served throughout the war on the Nevada; at the D-Day bombardment of Utah beach where Nevada was the only US ship from Pearl Harbor at Normandy - and later in the Pacific.

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23rdOctober1869HMS DidoLaunched
23rdOctober1897HMS CuracoaSailed Funchal for Las Palmas
23rdOctober1911HMS D6Launched
23rdOctober1916HMS G4Launched
23rdOctober1916HMS General WolfeTorpedoed
23rdOctober1920HMS BenbowAt Malta
23rdOctober1920 DixmudeAt Malta
23rdOctober1920HMS CalypsoAt Malta
23rdOctober1920HMS DublinAt Malta
23rdOctober1920HMS AjaxAt Malta
23rdOctober1920HMS Emperor of IndiaAt Malta
23rdOctober1920HMS Emperor of IndiaFlagship of Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Webb
23rdOctober1920HMS Iron DukeArrived Malta
23rdOctober1920HMS Iron DukeFlagship of Admiral Sir John M. de Robeck
23rdOctober1929HMS EffinghamArrived Bombay
23rdOctober1930HMS BridgewaterSailed Chemulpo
23rdOctober1933HMS DuncanArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS AcheronArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS CyclopsArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS DefenderArrived Aden
23rdOctober1933HMS DefenderSailed Aden
23rdOctober1933HMS DanaeArrived Bermuda
23rdOctober1933HMS DelhiArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS DelhiArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS DespatchArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS ArdentArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS AntelopeArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS ArrowArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS DecoyArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS DianaArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS DouglasArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS DevonshireArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS LondonArrived Malta
23rdOctober1933HMS LondonArrived Malta
23rdOctober1934HMS DelhiCapt. H.B. Rawlings Relinquished Command
23rdOctober1934HMS DelhiCapt. W.S. Chalmers Assumed Command
23rdOctober1934HMS DelhiPaid off and recommissioned at Plymouth
23rdOctober1934HMS EmeraldArrived Colombo
23rdOctober1934HMS CarlisleSailed Freetown
23rdOctober1934HMS GrimsbyCdr. N.V. Grace Assumed Command
23rdOctober1934HMS GrimsbyArrived Singapore
23rdOctober1934HMS LeithArrived Thursday Island
23rdOctober1934HMS LeithArrived Thursday Island
23rdOctober1936HMS EskArrived St. Jean de Luz
23rdOctober1936HMS DespatchArrived Tangier
23rdOctober1936HMS CuracoaArrived Portsmouth
23rdOctober1936HMS GloriousArrived Suda Bay
23rdOctober1936HMS GriffinArrived Barcelona
23rdOctober1936HMS HeroArrived Portsmouth
23rdOctober1936HMS HeroCommissioned
23rdOctober1936HMS HeroArrived Portsmouth
23rdOctober1936HMS KeppelArrived Plymouth
23rdOctober1936HMS FlindersArrived Portsmouth
23rdOctober1936HMS HeraldArrived Oenang
23rdOctober1936HMS BarhamArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1936HMS BlancheArrived Rosyth
23rdOctober1936HMS BrazenArrived Rosyth
23rdOctober1936HMS BeagleArrived Rosyth
23rdOctober1936HMS BrilliantArrived Rosyth
23rdOctober1936HMS BulldogArrived Rosyth
23rdOctober1937HMS ActiveArrived Port Said
23rdOctober1937HMS GipsyArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS DefenderArrived Pei Taiho
23rdOctober1937HMS FoxhoundArrived and sailed Sheerness
23rdOctober1937HMS FuryArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS EskArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS DanaeSailed Hong Kong for UK
23rdOctober1937HMS DanaeSailed Hong Kong for Penang
23rdOctober1937HMS DespatchSailed Valencia for Barcelona
23rdOctober1937HMS DecoyArrived Wei Hai Wei
23rdOctober1937HMS EchoArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS EscapadeArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS ExpressArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS FearlessArrived Plymouth
23rdOctober1937HMS ForesterArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS ExmouthArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS GarlandArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS H34Arrived Portland
23rdOctober1937HMS EclipseArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober1937HMS EnchantressArrived Nantes
23rdOctober1937HMS GlasgowArrived Milford Haven
23rdOctober1939HMS AshantiOff Norwegian Coast
23rdOctober1939HMS AshantiSailed Scapa Flow to escort an iron ore convoy from Narvik
23rdOctober1939HMS BedouinSailed Loch Ewe for the Clyde
23rdOctober1939HMS AuroraSailed Loch Ewe
23rdOctober1939HMS AuroraSailed Loch Ewe
23rdOctober1939HMS FoxhoundSailed Scapa Flow
23rdOctober1939HMS FurySailed Scapa Flow
23rdOctober1939HMS AcastaDetached from Convoy OA.23
23rdOctober1939HMS AcastaAssisted Attacking a submarine contact 90° off the Lizard
23rdOctober1939HMS AcastaMissed by a torpedo in 49-48N, 5-22W
23rdOctober1939HMS ArdentAssisted Attacking a submarine contact 90 off the Lizard
23rdOctober1939HMS ArdentDetached from Convoy OA.23
23rdOctober1939HMS CairoSailed Grimsby on escort duties
23rdOctober1939HMS CurlewSailed Scapa Flow
23rdOctober1939HMS ElectraSailed Southend escorting Convoy OA.24G
23rdOctober1939HMS EscortSailed Southend escorting Convoy OA.24G
23rdOctober1939HMS FameOff Norwegian Coast
23rdOctober1939HMS FameSailed Scapa Flow to escort an iron ore convoy from Narvik
23rdOctober1939HMS FearlessSailed Scapa Flow
23rdOctober1939HMS FiredrakeSailed Loch Ewe for the Clyde
23rdOctober1939HMS ForesterSailed Loch Ewe for the Clyde
23rdOctober1939HMS GallantAttacked a submarine contact 90° off the Lizard
23rdOctober1939HMS HunterSailed Freetown escorting Convoy SL.6
23rdOctober1939HMS ImpulsiveSailed Plymouth for Scapa Flow
23rdOctober1939HMS JavelinTaken in hand for repair by Smiths Dock
23rdOctober1939HMS FuriousSailed Loch Ewe for the Clyde
23rdOctober1939HMS EdinburghSailed Rosyth. Joined the escort off Muckle Flugga
23rdOctober1939HMS EdinburghSailed Rosyth to rendezvous with Commodore D in light cruiser Aurora 20 miles north of Muckle Flugga
23rdOctober1939HMS BerwickSailed Bermuda
23rdOctober1940HMCS CourtenayOrdered from Prince Rupert Dry Dock & Shipyards Co, Prince Rupert BC
23rdOctober1940HMS CotswoldLt.Cdr. Peter John Knowling, RN
23rdOctober1941HMS BootleLaunched
23rdOctober1943HMS ArcturusT/Lt. Harry Reginald Grief, RNR
23rdOctober1943HMS ArcturusPennant J283
23rdOctober1943HMS ArcturusCommissioned
23rdOctober1943HMS CromartySunk by mine, Straits of Bonifacio, Mediterranean
23rdOctober1943HMS CharybdisSunk
23rdOctober1943HMS CharybdisCaptain Voelcker in Command
23rdOctober1944HMS Loch CraggieCommissioned
23rdOctober1950HMS BermudaSailed Plymouth. Arrived Weymouth Bay
23rdOctober1951HMS BermudaSailed Simonstown
23rdOctober1959HMS CavalierSailed Hong Kong
23rdOctober1970HMS CarysfortSold for scrap to BISCO to be broken up by J Cashmore
23rdOctober1971HMS GavintonSailed Port Louis Mauritius
23rdOctober1971HMS HubberstonSailed Port Louis Mauritius
23rdOctober1971HMS BrintonSailed Port Louis Mauritius
23rdOctober1971HMS BossingtonSailed Port Louis Mauritius
23rdOctober1971HMS BeltonRan aground in Loch Maddy
23rdOctober1981HMS AmbuscadeArrived Gibraltar
23rdOctober2003HMS LindisfarnePortsmouth
23rdOctober2003HMS CornwallDevonport
23rdOctober2007HMS Iron DukePlymouth Sound
23rdOctober2008HMS IllustriousPortsmouth
23rdOctober2008HMS CornwallDevonport

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