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Welcome to the naval print website, with over 750 naval art prints and paintings by leading naval artists, Ivan Berryman, Randall Wilson, Anthony Saunders, George Chambers, Nicholas Pocock. W. L Wylie and Charles Dixon This is probably the best naval art site on the web. You wont get better prices than these. up to 20% cheaper than available in any gallery in the UK or US. and up to 60% of these prints are only available direct from Cranston Fine Arts the naval art company. producing naval art prints for over 24 years. 


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Battle of Trafalgar Art Prints.

Trafalgar- The Destruction of The Bucentaure by Ivan Berryman.

Trafalgar: HMS Royal Sovereign Prepares to Break the Line by Ivan Berryman.
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HMS Belfast Naval Art Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.

HMS Belfast by Robert Taylor.

HMS Belfast During the Battle of North Cape by Randall Wilson.
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Royal Navy Submarine Prints.
Secret Operation by Robert Taylor.

The Malta Station by Robert Barbour.
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Pearl Harbor US Navy Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.
The Calm Before the Storm by Robert Taylor.

Aloha Hawaii by Randall Wilson.
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Swordfish Attack on the Bismarck Naval Art Prints by Stan Stokes and Ivan Berryman.

Sink the Bismarck by Stan Stokes. (B)

Bismarck by Ivan Berryman (B)
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 In January 1941, the young Mario Arillo was appointed the rank of Lieutenant Commander, placed in charge of the Regia Marina's submarine <i>Ambra</i> and was dispatched to the Mediterranean to help disrupt supplies to the Allied forces.  In May of that same year, Arillo attacked the British Dido Class Cruiser <i>HMS Bonaventure</i>, and Destroyers <i>HMS Hereward</i> and <i>HMS Stuart</i>, south of Crete, en route from Alexandria, the cruiser <i>Bonaventure</i> being sunk with great loss of life.  The <i>Ambra</i> is depicted here in a calmer moment, two of her crew scanning the horizon for 'business'.

Hunter's Dusk by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Under the command of Gianfranco Gazzana-Priaroggia, the Regia Marina submarine Leonardo da Vinci was to become the most successful non-German submarine of World War Two.  On 21st April 1943, she encountered the liberty ship SS John Drayton which was returning, unladen, to Capetown from Bahrain and put two torpedoes into her before surfacing to finish her off with shells.  The deadly reign of terror wrought by the combination of Gazzana-Priaroggia and his submarine came to an end just one month later when the Leonardo da Vinci was sunk by HMS Active and HMS Ness off Cape Finistere.

Scourge of the Deep - Leonardo da Vinci by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Sitting menacingly at a depth of 15 metres below the surface, just 2 km outside the heavily defended harbour of Alexandria, the Italian submarine Scire is shown releasing her three manned torpedoes, or <i>Maiali</i>, at the outset of their daring raid in which the British battleships HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Valiant and a tanker, were severely damaged on 3rd December 1941.  All six crew members of the three <i>Maiali</i> survived the mission, but all were captured and taken prisoner.  Luigi Durand de la Penne and Emilio Bianchi can be seen moving away aboard 221, whilst Vincenzo Martellotta and Mario Marino (222) carry out systems checks.  Antonio Marceglia and Spartaco Schergat, on 223, are heading away at the top of the picture.

Assault from the Deep by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 A Type VIIC U-Boat slips quietly toward the open sea from her pen at Lorient, France in 1942.

Dawn Departure by Ivan Berryman. (PC)

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Emden and Blucher arriving at Schweinamund to depart the next day for Oslo.

Emden and Blucher by Randall Wilson (P)
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Submariners are a special breed of sailor. Their environment, operating deep beneath the surface of the waves, is both unnatural and dangerous, and demands men of cool courage and exceptional quality. Prowling the depths like a mammoth shark, sometimes hunted, submarine crews live and fight, and sometimes die together, alone in the remote expanses of the worlds great oceans. Regardless of national flag under which they sail, this small elite Silent Service is both feared and admired by all who sail the seas.  Plying their deadly trade in World War Two, the German U-boats posed such threat to the vital Atlantic convoys; Winston Churchill feared the submarine threat more than anything Hitler had at his disposal. Hunting in wolf packs, roaming the shipping lanes far beyond the reach of protective aircraft, they decimated the Allied merchant vessels during the Battle of the Atlantic.  Manned entirely by volunteers, British and American submarines saw action in every maritime theatre during the great conflict of 1939 - 1945, the crews fighting their solitary, stealthy, secret war with courage and nerves of steel.  This print captures the menacing beauty of a submarine on the surface: S-Class type HMS Sceptre slips her moorings in Scapa Flow, Scotland, and glides quietly into the North Sea to begin another top secret underwater operation. On the conning tower the skipper takes a final look across the water to the distant highlands while the crew savour the fresh salt air knowing soon they will submerge into their eerie, silent, artificial world, beneath the waves.
Secret Operation by Robert Taylor.
Half Price! - 75.00
DHM1306.  Queen Mary at Southampton by Ivan Berryman.

Queen Mary at Southampton by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - 50.00
 Japanese Torpedo destroyers, rush in to finish off the Russian battleships near the end of the Battle of Tsushima.

Battle of Tsushima by Anthony Saunders. (Y)
Half Price! - 50.00

 Type 42 HMS Southampton (D90), Type 22 Beaver (F93), Type 42 Manchester (D95) and Type 21 Amazon (F169) formate during a World cruise on which they visited 17 countries in 9 months.

Around the World by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - 25.00
  Dauntless Dive Bombers Dive on the Battleship Musashi in the Sibuyan Sea, October 1944.

Pressing Home the Kill by Randall Wilson (GS)
Half Price! - 250.00
 Having broken the line of the French and Spanish ships, HMS Victory is about to lock horns with Redoubtable.

Nelsons Day, Battle of Trafalgar by Randall Wilson (GL)
Half Price! - 370.00
 Designed by the great Ernst Heinkel, the diminutive D.1 was an essential stop-gap that provided the Austro-Hungarian pilots with a front line fighter until they were able to re-equip with Albatros scouts in the Summer of 1917. This little aircraft performed well and was generally held in high regard by its pilots, although it did have some shortcomings, namely that forward vision was extremely limited and the Schwarzloses gun was completely concealed in the overwing pod that made it inaccessible in the air. Most unusual of all was its interplane strut arrangement, designed to reduce drag, which gave it the nicknames Starstrutter or Spider. These examples are shown passing above the German cruiser Derfflinger.

Brandenburg D.1 by Ivan Berryman. (GL)
Half Price! - 300.00

Featured Naval Ship : 

HMS Conqueror

Launched : 1st May 1911
HMS Conqueror was part of the Orion Class battlehips, the first super-dreadnoughts in the Royal Navy, built as part of the Naval programme of 1909. All four ships fought at the Battle of Jutland. The ships remained in service after the end of the great war but were discarded under the terms of the Washington Treaty. HMS Orion and HMS Conqueror were scrapped on 19th December 1922.

Scrapped 19th December 1922





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William H Manning

Seaman 1st Class

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7 December

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7thDecember1870HMS BlazerLaunched at Portsmouth Dockyard
7thDecember1892HMS BlondeArrived Bathurst
7thDecember1907HMY AlexandraCaptain William F. Slayter in Command
7thDecember1907HMS AfricaCaptain Robert H. Johnston Stewart in Command
7thDecember1907HMS AlbatrossLt. Claude L. Cumbridge in Command
7thDecember1907HMS AlbemarleCaptain William E. Goodenough in Command
7thDecember1907RFA AquariusLt. Montague G. Flotillas in Command
7thDecember1907HMS ArabLt. Geoffrey Mackworth in Command
7thDecember1907HMS ArdentLt. Arthur M. Stancomb in Command
7thDecember1907HMS ArunLt. Spencer R. S. Richards in Command
7thDecember1907HMS ArrogantCaptain Ralph Hudleston in Command
7thDecember1907HMS AntrimCaptain William C. Fakenham in Command
7thDecember1907HMS ArgyllCaptain Reginald A.Allenby in Command
7thDecember1907HMS AmphitriteCaptain Edward F. Bruen in Command
7thDecember1907HMS ArgonautCaptain Vivian H. G. Bernard in Command
7thDecember1907HMS AriadneCaptain Albert S. Lafone in Command
7thDecember1907HMS AgamemnonCaptain Sackville H. Cardem in Command
7thDecember1915HMS G6Launched
7thDecember1921HMS CambrianArrived Manta
7thDecember1921HMS LaburnumArrived Malta
7thDecember1922HMS CyclopsCompleted conversion to Submarine Reapair Ship at Chatham
7thDecember1925HMS CalliopeCapt. M. Brock Birkett in Command
7thDecember1925HMS EffinghamSailed Muscat
7thDecember1927HMS EnterpriseSailed Ras -al-kaimer
7thDecember1927HMS EnterpriseArrived Ras -al-kaimer
7thDecember1928HMS EnterpriseSuez Canal
7thDecember1930HMS EffinghamArrived Abadan
7thDecember1930HMS EffinghamSailed Basra
7thDecember1932HMS DauntlessArrived Fray Bentos
7thDecember1933HMS DiomedeArrived Auckland
7thDecember1933HMS ColomboSailed Karachi for the Persian Gulf
7thDecember1933HMS AlburySailed Portland for Chatham
7thDecember1933HMS DunoonSailed Portland for Plymouth
7thDecember1933HMS HarebellArrived Plymouth
7thDecember1933HMS ExeterSailed Gibraltar for South America
7thDecember1933HMS ExeterSailed Gibraltar for South America
7thDecember1933HMS HawkinsArrived Colombo
7thDecember1933HMS HawkinsCapt. T.S.V. Phillips in Commad
7thDecember1933HMS HawkinsFlagship of Vice-Admiral M.E. Dunbar-Smith
7thDecember1933HMS BrilliantArrived Malta
7thDecember1934HMS ElectraArrived Portsmouth
7thDecember1934HMS EncounterArrived Portsmouth
7thDecember1934HMS ExmouthArrived Portsmouth
7thDecember1934HMS ExmouthLaunched
7thDecember1934HMS HalcyonArrived Portsmouth
7thDecember1934HMS HarrierArrived Sheerness
7thDecember1934HMS ExeterArrived Portsmouth
7thDecember1934HMS CumberlandSailed Saigon
7thDecember1934HMS FrobisherArrived Chatham
7thDecember1936HMS AdventureArrived Woosung
7thDecember1937HMS GipsySailed Mudros for Skyros
7thDecember1937HMS FoxhoundLt.Cdr. Philip Henry Hadow, RN In Command
7thDecember1937HMS EmeraldArrived Madras
7thDecember1937HMS EnterpriseArrived Madras
7thDecember1937HMS GrenadeArrived Zaverda
7thDecember1937HMS GriffinArrived Dragomesti
7thDecember1939HMS AuroraArrived the Clyde for refit
7thDecember1939HMS AberdeenDetached from Convoy OA.47
7thDecember1939HMS DauntlessSailed Singapore on patrol
7thDecember1939HMS EmeraldArrived Halifax
7thDecember1939HMS CairoArrived Loch Ewe to provide protection for damaged battleship HMS Nelson
7thDecember1939HMS EscapadeJoined Convoy SLF.10
7thDecember1939HMS EscapadeJoined Convoy SLF.10
7thDecember1939HMS ImperialSailed the Clyde for Liverpool
7thDecember1939HMS ImpulsiveSailed the Clyde for Liverpool
7thDecember1939HMS ImpulsiveSailed Gandia for Marseilles
7thDecember1939HMS JerseyAction off Cromer. Damaged by torpedo
7thDecember1939HMS JunoAction off Cromer
7thDecember1939HMS BitternSailed the Tyne escorting Convoy FS.51
7thDecember1939HMS BrokeJoined Convoy SLF.10
7thDecember1939HMS LowestoftSailed Hong Kong
7thDecember1939HMS EgretCompleted trefit at Malta
7thDecember1939HMS ArethusaArrived Malta from Alexandria for refit
7thDecember1939HMS ExeterOn patrol in the Falkland Island area
7thDecember1939HMS CumberlandOn patrol in the Falkland Island area
7thDecember1942HMS BallinderryLaunched
7thDecember1942HMS BallinderryPennant K255
7thDecember1942HMS BermudaArrived Scapa Flow
7thDecember1943HMS H34Lt. R.C. Jay in Command
7thDecember1943HMS BermudaSailed Scapa Flow for the Clyde
7thDecember1943HMS Loch LomondLaid down at Built by Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd. (Dundee, Scotland) : Duncan Stewart
7thDecember1950HMS CharitySailed Hong Kong to assist a Filipino ship 100 miles south west of Hong Kong
7thDecember1950HMS BermudaArrived and sailed Freetown
7thDecember1955HMS Loch AlvieArrived Male
7thDecember1957HMS CeylonSailed Bahrain
7thDecember1959HMS CarysfortArrived Aden
7thDecember1968HMS DanaeSailed Baia de Sofala. Beira Patrol
7thDecember1979HMS AmbuscadeArrived Plymouth
7thDecember2001HMS InvernessArrived Gibraltar
7thDecember2001HMS BridportArrived Sonderberg
7thDecember2001HMS BridportArrived Glasgow
7thDecember2001HMS CardiffArrived Devonport
7thDecember2001HMS LancasterArrived Portsmouth
7thDecember2001HMS CampbeltownArrived Devonport
7thDecember2004HMS Iron DukeFreetown
7thDecember2006HMS BlythSuez Canal
7thDecember2007HMS Ark RoyalPortsmouth

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