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Royal Rendezvous by Gordon Bauwens.

Royal Rendezvous by Gordon Bauwens.

Throughout her later years on the North Atlantic, Cunard's Queen Elizabeth 2 cut a lonely swathe across the waters she was designed to traverse. Thanks to her foresighted dual-purpose design, clever marketing and iconic appeal as the 'last true liner', QE2 outlived all her sea-going competitors and seemed destined to be the last ever passenger liner to regularly ply the Atlantic. She also looked to be the final Queen in service for Cunard. However, in 1999 a decision was made to build on QE2's unique success by adding a giant new transatlantic liner, Queen Mary 2, to the Cunard fleet. Then, almost four years after QM2 entered service in 2004 as the new Company flagship, she and QE2 were joined by another new ship, MV Queen Victoria. Thus, since QV's maiden voyage in December 2007 until QE2's retirement in late 2008, three mighty Cunard Queens sailed concurrently for the first time ever. Unlike all previous Queens, which were unique one-off vessels, Queen Victoria was adapted from an existing design first created for Holland America Line's Vista-class cruise liners. While at 90,000 gross tons she is the second largest Cunarder ever built, Queen Victoria is in length and beam very similar to QE2, allowing passage through the Panama Canal. Built as a 5-star floating hotel, Queen Victoria's magnificent interiors boast many pieces of artwork by some of the world's leading artists. Gordon Bauwens is honoured to be represented by 12 maritime works commissioned and selected for public areas aboard this latest Cunarder. In addition to these, this latest painting, Royal Rendezvous, features the debutante Queen Victoria and legendary Queen Elizabeth 2 passing at sea, contrasting two distinct generations of Queens proudly flying the colours of one of the world's greatest shipping lines. As the much-loved QE2 retired in November 2008, the preceding months proved to be the last these two majestic Cunarders served together.
Item Code : GBQ0072Royal Rendezvous by Gordon Bauwens. - This Edition
PRINTSigned limited edition of 650 prints.

Image size 21 inches x 14 inches (53cm x 36cm) Overall size 25 inches x 19 inches (64cm x 48cm)Artist : Gordon Bauwens70.00

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 Just seconds from opening fire with a broadside that will devastate her opponent, HMS Victory prepares to pass the stern of the French flagship Bucentaure, closely followed by the three-deckers HMS Temeraire and HMS Neptune. With guns unable to bear on the enemy fleet during the slow approach the British ships had endured terrible punishment with Victorys sails holed, her wheel smashed and her mizzen top shot away.

Breaking the Line by Ivan Berryman. (GL)
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GITW1861GL. Review of the Fleet at Spithead by H. M Queen Victoria by A W Fowles.

Review of the Fleet at Spithead by H. M Queen Victoria by A W Fowles. (GL)
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  CVN78 Steams at full power on her 1st deployment.

USS Ronald Reagan by Randall Wilson (GL)
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 Besstrashniy (meaning Fearless) 434 heavy rocket ASW Destroyer is shown swinging to the port side of Pyotr Velikiy (meaning Peter the Great) a Kirov Class Cruiser as they clear a path for the carrier Minsk.

Arctic Waters by Randall Wilson. (P)
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The pride of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood, leaves Portsmouth on her way to the Fleet Review of King George V in July 1935.  HMS Hood is followed by the destroyer HMS Express.

HMS Hood and HMS Express Departing from Portsmouth 1935 by Ivan Berryman (GL)
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HMS Ark Royal after a recent refit, rejoins the fleet in 2001.

HMS Ark Royal by Ivan Berryman (AP)
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B105AP.  HMS Fearless by Ivan Berryman.

HMS Fearless by Ivan Berryman (AP)
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Sydney engages Italian ships off Cape Busa, Crete.
HMAS Sydney By Randall Wilson (GL)
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