USS Pennsylvania

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USS Pennsylvania was built by Newport News, and laid down on the 27th October 1913, launched 16th march 1915 and commissioned into the u navy on the 12th June 1916, , she was ordered as a flagship and was fitted with a special two-level Control tower. She was flagship to the Atlantic fleet 1916 to 1918. and escorted the liner carrying President Wilson to the Peace conference in France, in December 1918. on the 18th August 1921, she embarked 400 US marines to persuade Panama to accept American mediation in the border dispute with Costa Rica. The USS Pennsylvania received bomb damage at Pearl harbor and spent 3 months under repair, during this time she was used as a training ship. Until October 1942 when she was refitted at mare Island Navy Yard. Where her secondary armament was modernized,. In may 1943 USS Pennsylvania took par tin the Pacific island landing. On the 12th August 1945, at wake Island she was hit by an aerial torpedo and was close to sinking. She was towed back the US, for repairs. After the war she was selected as a target ship for the atomic tests at bikini Atoll, and was slightly damaged in the atomic explosions. she continued in use as a target ship until finally being sunk by conventional aerial bombing on the 10th of February 1948
Displacement: 31,400 tons normal, and 32,560 tons full load. Compliment: 915, Spped 21 knots, Range 8,000 nautical miles at 10 knots. Armament: Twelve 14 - inch Guns in four turrets. Twenty two 5 - inch guns and Four 3 inch guns two 21-inch Torpedo Tubes submerged.
Information after refit. Displacement: 33,125 tons standard 36,500 tons full load. Compliment: 1,400 speed: 21 knots, Range 19,000 nautical miles at 10 knots, Armament: Twelve 14 - inch guns, Twelve 5 - inch guns (these five inch guns were removed in 1943) and Eight 5 - inch AA guns Right 1,1 inch AA (after 1943, Sixteen 5 - inch, 38 calibre. )


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