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Welcome to the naval print website, with over 750 naval art prints and paintings by leading naval artists, Ivan Berryman, Randall Wilson, Anthony Saunders, George Chambers, Nicholas Pocock. W. L Wylie and Charles Dixon This is probably the best naval art site on the web. You wont get better prices than these. up to 20% cheaper than available in any gallery in the UK or US. and up to 60% of these prints are only available direct from Cranston Fine Arts the naval art company. producing naval art prints for over 24 years. 


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New Naval Packs
Battle of Trafalgar Art Prints.

Trafalgar- The Destruction of The Bucentaure by Ivan Berryman.

Trafalgar: HMS Royal Sovereign Prepares to Break the Line by Ivan Berryman.
Save £145!
HMS Belfast Naval Art Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.

HMS Belfast by Robert Taylor.

HMS Belfast During the Battle of North Cape by Randall Wilson.
Save £140!
Royal Navy Submarine Prints.
Secret Operation by Robert Taylor.

The Malta Station by Robert Barbour.
Save £108!
Pearl Harbor US Navy Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.
The Calm Before the Storm by Robert Taylor.

Aloha Hawaii by Randall Wilson.
Save £105!
Swordfish Attack on the Bismarck Naval Art Prints by Stan Stokes and Ivan Berryman.

Sink the Bismarck by Stan Stokes. (B)

Bismarck by Ivan Berryman (B)
Save £95!

 The daylight raid on Tokyo, led by Lt Col James H. Doolittle on Sunday 18 April 1942, has rightfully entered the history books as one of the most daring and courageous operations of the Second World War. On that day, in mid ocean, Doolittle had launched his B-25 Mitchell bomber from the heaving, spray-soaked flight deck of an aircraft carrier, a deck too short to land on, and flown on to bomb Tokyo. He knew there would be no return to the USS Hornet, either for him or the 15 heavily laden B-25s behind him, for this was a feat never before attempted, and for every crew member the mission was a one-way ticket. Yet, under the leadership of Jimmy Doolittle, they all dared to survive. The mission for the 16 bombers was to bomb industrial targets in Tokyo and surrounding areas, to slow production of strategic war material, then fly on to land in the part of south-west China that was still in the hands of friendly Nationalist forces. All being well, the mission would be so unexpected it would plant the first seeds of doubt into enemy minds. It worked – the Japanese were forced to quickly divert hundreds of aircraft, men and equipment away from offensive operations to the defence of their homeland. There was, however, another reason behind the Doolittle's raid – to lift the morale of an American public devastated by the attack on Pearl Harbor four months earlier. And the success of the mission provided the boost that was needed. If any had doubted America's resolve in the face of uncertainty, the courage, determination and heroism displayed by Lt Col Doolittle and his band of aviators restored their determination. Although it might take years, and the price would be high, America and her allies understood that the fight could, and would, be won. Commissioned to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Tokyo Raid the painting portrays the dramatic moment that Lt Col Jimmy Doolittle lifts his B-25 off the pitching deck of the USS Hornet. Having timed his launch to perfection he climbs steeply away, ready to adjust his compass bearing for a direct line to Tokyo. On the sodden deck behind him the crews of the remaining 15 aircraft, whose engines are warmed, ready and turning, will quickly follow their commanding officer into the murky sky.

Destination Tokyo by Anthony Saunders.
 Nelson's sailors and marines board the San Nicolas and during heavy hand to hand fighting capture the ship.  Nelson drives HMS Captain onto the Spanish vessel in order that she can be boarded and taken as a prize, the British marines and men scrambling up the Captain's bowsprit to use it as a bridge.  The San Nicolas then fouled the Spanish three-decker San Joseph, allowing Nelson and his men to take both ships as prizes in a single manoeuvre.

Boarding the San Nicolas by Chris Collingwood. (P)
 Few ships have been immortalised in art more than HMS Temeraire, a 98-gun veteran of the Battle of Trafalgar and iconic subject of JMW Turner's memorable painting. Although one of the finest paintings ever produced, it is known that Turner's version of this magnificent old ship's voyage to the breaker's yard is pure whimsy, composed to inspire pride and sentiment in equal parts. This painting is, perhaps, a more truthful rendering of the same scene. Here, the mighty Temeraire is reduced to a floating hulk, stripped of her masts, bowsprit and rigging, her bitumen-coated hull gutted of anything useful.  It is 7.30am on 5th September 1838. As the tide is judged to be just right, the steam tugs Sampson and Newcastle, piloted by William Scott and a crew of 25, take up the strain of the Temeraire's 2,121 tons to begin the slow journey from Sheerness to Rotherhithe, where she will be slowly taken to pieces at the yard of John Beatson. Whilst HMS Victory stands today in all her magnificence at Portsmouth, barely a trace of the ship that came to her rescue at Trafalgar exists.

The Temeraire's Last Journey by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Skirmishes between frigates were a common occurrence, such as here when the 32-gun HMS Amphion encountered a French opponent off Cadiz in 1806 the latter, to her great cost, straying among the British inshore squadron in the darkness of a moonless night. It is understood that the French vessel managed to escape being taken as a prize, although with much damage to her whales and rigging.

A Night Action off Cadiz by Ivan Berryman. (PC)

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This Week's Half Price Naval Art Offers

 CVN78 Steams at full power on her 1st deployment.

USS Ronald Reagan by Randall Wilson (P)
Half Price! - £1800.00
USS Intrepid was laid down in 1941 and was one of a class of 24 ships of the Essex class.  This was the largest fleet of aircraft carriers ever constructed and proved the industrial might of the United States beyond doubt.  Carrying 90 aircraft each, they formed the main air strength and striking power of the US Pacific Fleet against the Japanese.  The Intrepid saw her first action in January 1944 supporting operations at Kwajalein.  While operating in raids on Truk in February 1944 Intrepid was hit by a torpedo which damaged her steering gear, requiring repairs which kept her from the war zone until June.  She then took part in operations off the Palaus, the Philippines, Okinawa and Formosa.  She was struck twice by kamikazes in late 1944.  Returning to action in March 1945, she participated in strikes against the Japanese home islands and Okinawa, suffering another kamikaze hit in April of 1945 - she survived the most hits of any other US carrier in the war.  Here the Intrepid is seen in October 1944 whilst with TG38.2 flanked by the cruiser USS Vincennes and the destroyer USS The Sullivans.

The Mighty Intrepid by Anthony Saunders (GS)
Half Price! - £250.00
On 17th June 1944, 780 miles west of Saipan in Mid Pacific, the Gato class submarine USS Cavalla dives after a lucky sighting of a Japanese Naval Task Force, which included the aircraft carriers Taiho, Shokaku and Zuikaku. The Cavalla then trailed the Japanese, attacking and sinking the Shokaku on the 19th.

A Chance Encounter by Robert Barbour (AP)
Half Price! - £50.00
B64.  HMS Centaur Departing Devonport by Ivan Berryman.

HMS Centaur Departing Devonport by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00

In the early morning murk of 24th May 1941, the forward 15in guns of HMS Hood fire the first shots against the mighty German battleship Bismarck.  Both Bismarck and her escort, the Prinz Eugen, immediately responded, the latter causing a fierce fire on Hoods upper deck, while plunging shot from Bismarck penetrated deep into the British ships hull, causing an explosion that ripped the Hood apart, sinking her in an instant.  Tragically, just three survivors were rescued from the water.

HMS Hood Opens Fire Upon the Bismarck by Ivan Berryman (GL)
Half Price! - £300.00
 Ships of the Falklands Task Force formate following the Argentine surrender in 1982.  Nearest is Leander class frigate HMS Andromeda with RFA Brambleleaf in her wake.  The Type 22 frigate HMS Brilliant is to the left of the picture, with the carrier HMS Invincible dominating the right.  HMS Hermes and her escorts are in the extreme distance.

Victory Parade by Ivan Berryman. (GL)
Half Price! - £300.00
 HMS Boreas encounters the French Compas, August 29th 1779.

Frigate Action off Antigua by Ivan Berryman. (GL)
Half Price! - £250.00
 Portrait of Admiral Nelson shown in the uniform worn at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Portrait of Admiral Nelson by Chris Collingwood (GL)
Half Price! - £350.00

Featured Naval Ship : 

HMS Conqueror

Launched : 1st May 1911
HMS Conqueror was part of the Orion Class battlehips, the first super-dreadnoughts in the Royal Navy, built as part of the Naval programme of 1909. All four ships fought at the Battle of Jutland. The ships remained in service after the end of the great war but were discarded under the terms of the Washington Treaty. HMS Orion and HMS Conqueror were scrapped on 19th December 1922.

Scrapped 19th December 1922





Featured Signature :

Maschinenobergefreiter Johannes Zimmermann (deceased)

A former blacksmith, Johannes Zimmermann was conscripted into the Kriegsmarine in 1940 and was one of the first to join Bismarcks crew at the Blohm and Voss shipyard in Hamburg on 3rd June 1940. As a leading stoker, Johannes was at his post deep in Bismarcks boiler room during the final action but successfully managed to escape when ordered to abandon ship. Born on 3rd October 1920, Johannes Zimmermann died aged 77 on 30th April 1998.

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On this day in naval history....

20 June

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20thJune1891HMS IntrepidLaunched
20thJune1900HMS IsisSailed Castellamare for Malta
20thJune1900HMS DidoSailed Castellamare for Malta
20thJune1905HMS CenturionSailed Singapore
20thJune1905HMS AlbionSailed Singapore
20thJune1906HMS AlbemarleAt Bereshaven
20thJune1912HMS AlectoCommissioned
20thJune1924HMS ConquestArrived Copenhagen
20thJune1928HMS CornwallSailed Buenos Aires
20thJune1932HMS DelphiniumSailed Simonstown
20thJune1932HMS FuriousSailed Larne
20thJune1934HMS AlectoSailed Oban
20thJune1934HMS DiomedeArrived Norfolk Island
20thJune1934HMS DunedinSailed Nukualofa
20thJune1934HMS BridgewaterArrived Shanghai
20thJune1934HMS BridgewaterArrived Shanghai
20thJune1934HMS BridgewaterCdr. J.S.M. Mackenzie-Grieve in Command
20thJune1934HMS BridgewaterCdr. J.S.M. Mackenzie-Grieve in Command
20thJune1934HMS Iron DukeSailed Oban
20thJune1934HMS KentSailed Malta
20thJune1934HMS EffinghamSailed Sheerness
20thJune1934HMS EffinghamSailed Sheerness
20thJune1935HMS GrimsbyArrived Wei Hai Wei
20thJune1935HMS GrimsbyCdr. N.V. Grace in Command
20thJune1935HMS AjaxArrived Malta for workup
20thJune1935HMS AjaxCapt. C.S. Thomson in Command
20thJune1936HMS LadybirdSailed Hankow for Wuhu
20thJune1936HMS DunedinArrived Niue
20thJune1936HMS BridgewaterSailed East London for Durban
20thJune1936HMS LowestoftArrived Hong Kong
20thJune1936HMS AmphionArrived Portsmouth
20thJune1936HMS HoodSailed Gibraltar for Portsmouth
20thJune1936HMS GlasgowPennant Number 21
20thJune1936HMS GlasgowLaunched
20thJune1937HMS AberdeenSailed Gibraltar for Malta
20thJune1937HMS DiomedeArrived and sailed Plymouth
20thJune1937HMS DiomedeArrived Portsmouth
20thJune1937HMS DiomedeArrived Portsmouth and sailed for Sheerness
20thJune1937HMS CuracoaSailed Kyle of Durness for Portsmouth
20thJune1937HMS LeithSailed Dillon Bay
20thJune1938HMS EnterpriseSailed Berbera
20thJune1938HMS Black SwanLaid down at Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd. (Scotstoun, Scotland)
20thJune1938HMS Black SwanLaid down Yarrow (Scotstoun)
20thJune1939HMS DianaLt.Cdr. Edward Gerard Le Geyt, RN In Command
20thJune1939HMS BerwickArrived Quebec
20thJune1940HMS CyclamenLaunched at Lewis
20thJune1940HMS CyclamenPennant K83
20thJune1943HMS BermudaArrived Gibraltar Sailed same day
20thJune1944HMS HarePennant J389
20thJune1944HMS HareLaunched
20thJune1944HMS DiademFlagship of Vice Admiral F.H.G. Dalrymple-Hamilton
20thJune1944HMS DiademCapt E.G.A. Clifford in Command
20thJune1945HMS BarfleurSailed Jervis Bay
20thJune1945HMS BarfleurArrived Sydney
20thJune1946HMS BarfleurArrived Matsuhama
20thJune1950HMS GloryArrived Malta
20thJune1955HMS Loch KillisportSailed Basra
20thJune1964HMS CentaurArrived Aden
20thJune1967HMS HermesArrived Penang
20thJune2002HMS Ark RoyalPortsmouth
20thJune2002HMS InvernessPortsmouth
20thJune2003HMS BangorPortsmouth
20thJune2003HMS CumberlandDevonport
20thJune2005HMS Iron DukePlymouth Sound
20thJune2006HMS KentArrived Malta
20thJune2006HMS KentCdr. Gavin Pritchard in Command
20thJune2006HMS CampbeltownPlymouth Sound
20thJune2008HMS Ark RoyalPortsmouth
20thJune2008HMS GrimsbyWeymouth
20thJune2008HMS BulwarkKiel
20thJune2008HMS CornwallDevonport
20thJune2008HMS CumberlandDevonport

Entries in this list are supplied by worldnavalships.com

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